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Lazarus Rising  The Regan Diaries My Grandfather's Son
John Howard  Ronald Regan Clarence Thomas
We'll decide who comes to this country and the circumstance in which they come
said John Howard  when he introduced measures to stop the tide of illegal immigration by boat people.
A captivating political autobiography by the second longest serving prime-minister of Australia.  American readers should be aware that the Liberal Party in Australia is the conservative side of politics - confusing, I know. Not recommended for Howard haters and trendies.
An insight into Ronald Regan's  presidency through excerpts from his own personal diaries that he kept during his time in the White House. Edit by the Historian Douglas Brinkley, omitting some significant historical moments but still a great value To Kill a Mockingbird, this is how Clarence Thomas summed up his near failed Senate approval by the Senate of his nomination to the Supreme Court of the USA. It was a despicable payback to a proud black man who refused to accept the liberal doctrine that patronises blacks. 
you don't have to sit next to white person to learn how to read and write

he said. The bleeding hearts liberal Democrats hated it.
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John Winston Howard Decision Points No Higher Honor
Peter Van Onselen &
Wayne Errington
Gerorge W Bush Condoleezza Rice
An excellent analysis of John Howard's political life from his university days until just before he lost his fifth election in November 2007 to Kevin Rudd. The book is written in a dispassionate manner, packed with facts about the man,  his achievements and failures. Love me or loath me Howard used to say but you know what you are getting.

Not suitable for Howard haters.
I have done my best to write about the decisions I got right, those I got wrong, and what I would do differently if given the chance .
This is not a chronological biography as we normally expect; the book is organised by themes that called for the the most significant decsions during GW Bush presidency, as he sees it, subjects such 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kathrina, the Wall Street financial collapse, to name a few.
A captivating detailed memoires of Condoleezza Rice time in Wasgington.
The book is well written, alsmost as if was intended to be a text book for students in Political Science, with details explanations and interesting behind the sceens anegdotes about world events in which Ms. Rice played active part as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to George W Bush.

Courage And Consequences by Karl Rove Surrender Is Not An Option By John Bolton The The Centre of The Storm by George Tenet
Courage And Consequences Surrender Is Not An Option At The Center Of The Storm
Karl Rove John Bolton George Tenet
Karl Rove's memoirs of his years as the political advisor to George W Bush from his decesion to run for the governorship of Texas until late in the second persidential term.
An interesting insight into the man and the political aspects of the Bush presidency as well as some score settling with his detractors.
John Bolton's political momoirs as under secretary for Arms Control with Bush (41) and the US Ambassador to the UN in Bush (43) administration. Although tedious at times its none the less enlightening to see how high diplomacy works (or rather not), particularly when it comes to the hypocrisy of the so-called US allies. The story of the former director of the CIA under Presidents Clinton and Bush (43). An interesting insight to decision making process on the War in Iraq and the War on Terror.