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Unholy Allience by David Horowitz Day Of reckoning by Pat Buchanan Not Quite A Diplomat By Chris Patten
Unholy Alliance Day Of Reckoning Not Quite A Diplomat
David Horowitz Patrick (Pat) J Buchanan Chris Patten
With the collapse of the Soviet Union you would think that the American Communists will dissipate into oblivion, not so! they simply joined other enemies of America. America's enemy can do no wrong while America can do no right, to their mind America is evil even if takes re-writing the history book. Prof Horowitz should know, he was one of them.
Often I find myself in disagreement with Pat Buchanan on quite a few issues, but not in this book; The ideology of free trade is the Golden Calf of capitalism that is destroying America says a self professed "reformed free trader. America must decide whether it will remain a nation or " a tangle of squabbling nationalities" as FDR put it. Margaret Thatcher dubbed conservatives like, one of her cabinet ministers, Chris Patten as "wets". You do not have to agree with Mr. Patten's political view to enjoy his experiences as part of the British recent history, particularly viz-a-viz the their love hate affair with the European Union.
If Democrats Had Any Brain they'd be Republican by Ann Coulter Rules For Radicals Image did not load (the_world_turned_upside_down.jpg)
If Democrats Had Any Brains They'd Be Republicans Rules For Radicals The World Turned Upside Down
Ann Coulter Saul Alinski Melanie Phillips
And if sarcasm could kill, they would not be Republicans, they'd be dead. What a funny lady. She sums the difference  between conservatives and liberal as "I'm ticked off when people don't quote me accurately. [Democrats are] ticked off when people DO quote the accurately" The (left wing radical) aim justifies the means says Saul Alinsky in his "how to do" manual for community organisers. Lie cheat manipulate, and above all, our societies freedoms and liberties not only can, but must be used in order to defeat us. A must read if you want to understand how the left operates. 1984 - a satire turned to reality.
What have the issues of anthropogenic global warming, the war in Iraq, Israel and scientism got in common?
Asks Melanie Phillips. Not much you might think. Not so she says; she goes on to show how all of the ideologies that seemingly are based on "reason" and "science" are are no different from what their adherants loudly condemn most, that is, conservative views. Why do they ally with radical Islam which follow the opposite tenets to to their "enlighten" beliefs, or does it?
A captivating book with succinct language, packed with referenced historical and current facts .
Image did not load (battle_for_our_minds.jpg)    
Battle For Our Minds    
Michael Widlanski    
This is one of the best books on terror, particularly Arab-Islamic terror. Not only Dr. Widlanski calls spade 'a spade' when it comes to terror but he also names and shames  all the the main terror enabler in the West aka the PC brigade, which includes famous journalists, politicians, academics and others or elites as he call them. A must read if you wish to undersatand Terror.