The Perfect Man (a Poem)

20 January, 2010

The Perfect man, your sunshine ray
Will always love you all the way
Morning coffee on a tray
Whilst in bed you will stay

Bunch of flowers every day
Walks at dusk on shores of bay
Concerts, movies or a play
For your shopping, sure he pays

Changes his undies every day
Cooks your meals without a say
Only food they call gourmet
Not that rubbish take-away

He does the dishes without delay
And the laundry to your dismay
Irons his shirts that’s a pray
Anything you say, he obeys

Even your mother says “he is OK”
And he doesn’t mind if she stays
Oh my darling, if I may,
Your perfect man is … gay!

(If You are a Yiddisher meidaleh
This is really a big Oy Vei)

© Copyrights Jacob Klamer

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