The Perfect Man (a Poem)

Posted in Fun Stuff on January 20th, 2010 by Jacob

20 January, 2010

The Perfect man, your sunshine ray
Will always love you all the way
Morning coffee on a tray
Whilst in bed you will stay

Bunch of flowers every day
Walks at dusk on shores of bay
Concerts, movies or a play
For your shopping, sure he pays

Changes his undies every day
Cooks your meals without a say
Only food they call gourmet
Not that rubbish take-away

He does the dishes without delay
And the laundry to your dismay
Irons his shirts that’s a pray
Anything you say, he obeys

Even your mother says “he is OK”
And he doesn’t mind if she stays
Oh my darling, if I may,
Your perfect man is … gay!

(If You are a Yiddisher meidaleh
This is really a big Oy Vei)

© Copyrights Jacob Klamer

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