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America Alone by Mark Steyne In The Name of Honout by Mukhatar Mai The Base By Jane Corbin
America Alone In The Name Of Honour The Base
Mark Steyn Mukhtar Mai Jane Corbin
'It is all about demography (stupid)' says Mark Steyn,  Muslims populations multiply whilst their Europeans hosts' birth rate number actually decline. That leads to one conclusion, Muslim will be a majority in Europe long before Greenland will melt. You don't need to be a climate scientist to see that. The battle for justice of a devout Muslim woman who had been gang-raped in the name of "family honour" and her journey from her Pakistani village to international fame. For once the Human rights advocates made themselves useful, but they were Pakistani. The story of the 9/11 murderers. If only the FBI was less concerned with "human rights" of suspected terrorists and approach terrorism as a "law enforcement" issue, things may have turned out  differently.
Girl Like You by Paul Sheehan imag did not load (the_must_be_stopped.jpg) Image did not load (infidel_guide_to_the_koran.jpg)
Girls Like You They Must Be Stopped The Complete Infidel's Guide To The Koran
Paul Sheehan Brigitte Gabriel Robert Spencer
Girls like you deserved to be raped said one of the rapists to his Aussie girl whose only crime was to wear a low cut dress.
a chilling account of the a gang rape perpetrated by six Pakistani brothers, know as the "K Brothers".
It is also a story of their brave victim who can out and endured heavy handed questioning by the defence team to the type of underwear she was wearing. It would have been a pure criminal case but for the brothers using their Muslim faith as a defence.
They (Muslims) must be stopped because they are using our freedom and liberties to defeat our way of life and take us back to the 7th century.
The problem is not Muslims, Muslims only do as the prophet commanded: convert the infidel or kill him.
So-Called "moderate Muslim" may not strap bomb to themselves but most of them support those who fight Allah's war.
There are ample supporting facts in the book, read it and wise up, particularly if you think that Muslims are "victims". The only victims are we, if we don't stop them.
"The Koran For Dummies" is the best description for this book.
Critics of jihad violence and Islamic supremacism often accused of taking quotes from the Koran "out of context"
says Robert Spencer this is bitterly given that ironic since the Koran has no context in the first place.
An excellent book that put the Koran in historical and conceptual context.
An Arabic speaking scholar, Spencer usees his vast knowledge to explain the Koran in simple language. A "must read" for every infidel albeit I except that the useful idiots of Islam would not be interested in obtaining facts that spoils their sob story.
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