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The Fraud Of Islam

Debunking "Palestinian Heritage"

Al-Jazeera Set Israel As An Example for Democracy

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Israel 50 Years From Now

 By Daniel Greenfield

It took quite a while until the Soviet Union was able to store up enough intercontinental ballistic missiles to be able to wipe out the United States. It will take a lot less time until Iran has the capability to wipe out the State of Israel. One reason for this is Israel’s population density.

Israel is not only small; it’s smaller than all but three American states, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island, it’s also very densely populated. Israel has the 37th largest population density in the world. By comparison Japan, which has cubicle hotels, has the 32nd largest population density in the world. And if you eliminate islands, city states and principalities, then Israel has the 10th highest population density in the world. And it gets more claustrophobic from there. Read more ....


By Jacob

My first encounter with the US Immigration was in the summer of 1966. I was on my very first ship, a bulk carriers named "Har-Sinai" (Hebrew for "Mount Sinai") as a deck cadet, we we have just arrived at Mobil Alabama, with 30,000 tons Iron Ore from Venezuela...

Some two years later, I was already the Second Officer of another ship, a banana boat named "Har Bashan". We were employed in the (Chiquita) bananas trades mostly from Central and South America to the US Gulf, US East Coast and Europe.

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Carlos was one of the Able Seamen (AB) on the "Har Bashan"; a Spaniard in his late thirties, a conscientious seaman and by all accounts a dedicated family man. As the one who made the payslips onboard, I knew that Carlos withdrew just small amount of pocket money each (monthly) pay day whilst the balance of his wages was sent to his wife in Spain. Read more ...

The Free Gaza Flotilla De-Mythed

By Jacob

The only criticism I have against Israel is that it held the activists in jails, had it been up to me, I would have held them in a park or a school in Shderot, the town that have suffered the brunt of the Hamas rockets for years  -- Let them see and feel why the blockade on the Hamas is necessary -- Oh well, it is too late for that now, they have been release.

As if on cue, the anti-Israel hysterics erupted as soon as it was know that the Israeli Navy Commando fighters are boarding the flagship of the so-called "Friendship Flotilla", the "Mavi Maramara" whilst no facts had came out, but hey, since when the Israel Hate Brigade needs facts? To the contrary, pesky facts achieve nothing but spoil a good sob story.

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The initial  catch phrase of the propaganda machine was "international waters"; according to them, Israel has broken International Law, by boarding a merchant ship outside its territorial waters -- a powerful argument as it may be, it is simply wrong and misleading.... Read more

The Ripple Effect - A Warning From a Former Anti-American Lefty

By Mila

I used to be an anti-American liberal. I used to look at the "horrors" of American foreign policy and what I used to call "ignorance" of the average American citizen as the root causes for all the world's problems. Even though I didn’t have a remote idea of what its foreign policy entailed, this was my mindset and outlook then. Somehow I knew it was evil. Don’t ask me how though….

Because of this view, I then began to put blame on the United States for basically anything. Not only did I blame the US for things it didn't do right, but for things that it didn't do at all. I went as far as to construct this entire philosophy in my head where the central pillar of evil was the United States.

If Latin America was corrupt, then it was because the United States needed it to be corrupt for its own interest and because it had put puppet governments in order to fight the Soviets during the cold-war. It was because the American elites needed a place to hide their corruptive transactions and so they used Latin America as a playground. And the list goes on and on.... Read more

Butt Out Mr. President!

By Jacob

Have no mistake, the recent diplomatic rift between Washington and Jerusalem is not about peace, it is not about settlements, and it certainly not about Jo Biden being "insulted" -- it is about  Obama! the Obama Middle East Doctrine.

The Prime Minister of Israel, does not need to be notified, approve or disapprove such decision any more than the President of the United States needs to be notified, approve, or otherwise, of construction of a new mall in Washington DC, let alone getting an approval from a foreign county.

What is that makes every tin-pot liberal, thinks that he or she has the right to trash Israel's sovereignty of its capital and within the same breath (or stroke of a keyboard) lecture us about interfering in the internal affairs of some failed rogue country in Africa or the Middle East? Read More ...

With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies

By Jacob

The mere mention of the word "Mossad" immediately ignites the imagination and with good reasons. In fact to many, particular those who know little about it, the Mossad has become a legend, a story in which the fiction tend exceed facts.

The recent assassination in Dubai of Mahmud Mabhouh, a founder and a senior commander in Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades (the military branch of the Hamas) is an example.

The media, right around the world, was quick to point a finger at the Mossad, even before the Dubai police came up with, by now well publicised, an EDITED CCTV footage, allegedly depicting the Mossad agents movements, before and after the assassination, but not glimpse of "during". Read more ...

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