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Camden NSW in Australia is a quiet small rural town with a population of about 50,000 including three (3) Muslim families. The town came into the news recently when an unknown organisation, “The Quranic Society” submitted a A$19 (about US$17) million Development Application (DA) for a 1,200 students Islamic school in town.

The resident apparently do not like the idea much. The Sydney based newspaper the Daily Telegraph reported that:

“Unsurprisingly, the proposal has raised a number of eyebrows in the predominantly Anglo-Saxon township in Sydney‘s south-west.

Many have already made their concerns known. According to mayor Chris Patterson 3500 submissions about the school have already been lodged with council. Of them, he says at least 2700 residents have included their full address details and while the count is still ongoing, just 13 have been in support of the school.”

The Quranic Society hired the past Lord Mayor of Sydney, Jeremy Bingham, as their lobbyist, representee and spokesman who quickly “express concerns”, accused the resident of “racial motives” (or words to that affect) and “reminded” the Mayor of Camden that:

“the council is legally obliged to judge the application against planning considerations only. The fact that the residents are unhappy about it is immaterial.

“If the council should knock back the development application, the (Quranic) Society will appeal the decision and we’re confident the Land and Environment Court will approve it.”

In simple words, as the Law stands, the residence can go jump unless they can demonstrate some sort environmental damage, such as that the school will destroy the habitat of the Common Three Legged Australian Grass Hopper (Socialistus Bullshititus) or that the buses that will bring the kids from who knows where will crate so much greenhouse gases GHG) and pollution that will seriously endanger the whole planet with 17 degrees Global Warming and 25 meter (75 feet) tidal waves.

Talking about GHG’s, the plan also include a THOUSAND (1,000) car spaces car park. What for? Is the Quranic Society has some further plans for Camden, a Mosque perhaps? You bet!

About a year ago a company named “Garden View Apartments” purchased an old disused public school with some land around it in Bass Hill from the State Government for “residential housing development” . As soon as the purchase was consummated, the property passed to another mob, “Al Amanah College” who placed a DA to the local Council (Bankstown) for …. Yes, you guessed it, a 1,200 STUDENTS ISLAMIC SCHOOL. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that:

“Nearly 2500 submissions were received from residents – 1829 against, 649 in support.”

Almost an identical copy of the reaction of the residents of Camden, albeit that Bass Hill is in the Sydney Metropolitan Area and it is near Muslims “ghettos” created by multiculturalism in the last 30 years. Bankstown Council rejected that DA “on planning grounds”.

My question is why do we need all those large Islamic Schools? 1200 students is 40 CLASSES and around 30 SCHOOL BUSES TWICE DAILY. There is little doubt that a smaller school would have been permitted in Bass Hill, what was questioned was the SIZE of the Bass Hill school. The case of Camden is different because THERE ARE NO MUSLIMS LIVING IN THE CAMDEN AREA and the residents of Camden want to keep the semi-rural characteristics of their town and, I suspect, avoid turning their town into little Beirut, Islamabad or Kabul as the case is now in the Southwest of Sydney with large Muslim enclaves.

More pertinent, WHO ARE the Quranic Society? And WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM?

The Quranic Society has an address 2nd floor, 42 Faldon Street, Lakemba, NSW. It has a telephone and a fax but no website or an e-mail address. A photograph provided by an anti Islamic group show a dilapidated entrance to an organisation that lodged $19 million DA, obviously a temporary front only.

42 Faldon Street Headquarters

42 Faldon Street Headquarters

The main “suspect” is Saudi Arabia who finances the vast majority of Islamic Schools across the West but by no mean the only one. Among the other “suspects” are the Jama’ah Islamiyah (JI), Jama’ah at-Tableegh, also known as Tablighi Jamat which is associated with a group known as “Tableeghee” or “Tablighi” (TJ), both of which are known to be involved in terrorism and there are no doubt others.

The other question is WHY CAMDEN? There are no Muslims to speak of (3 families) living in the area and it is some distance (although not great) from centres of Muslim population. The answer is in the question – Because there are no Muslims in Camden and because it is some distance fro other Muslim populations. It is simply an attempt to start a new centre to spread Islam upon us like couch grass in a veggie garden.

It is a duty of every Muslim to spread Islam, either by “darwa” (invitation, proselytising and preach) or by Jihad (struggle, strive or fight), more about Jihad later but in order to spread Islam Muslim has to establish presence, conquer if necessary. Having practically “conquered” the Southwest of Sydney, the Muslims of Sydney are now ready to spearhead further fields outside the cities and move into the country.

And the people of Camden don’t like one bit, their main fear is that the school will bring in Moslem “immigration” which will transpose their town into a place resembling a town in the Middle East, North Africa or on the mountains of Pakistan.

Some will tell you that Islamic school has the same right as Christian, Jewish or any other religion based school. This is true to a point, Non-Islamic religion based (day) schools are ALWAYS located within a concentration of their respective people. Secondly Non-Islamic school do not teach hatred against other religions as Islamic schools do by citing the Koran naming Jews “monkeys” and Christians “pigs”. In fact the Koran does not make this assertion, it is an common “interpretation” of Allah’s special punishment to Jews and Christians that is commonly taught.

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This is what they teach kids in schools in the UK (and elsewhere) and this what they will teach in the proposed school in Camden, that the residents of Camden are (predominantly) pigs. In fact Muslims starts messing up children minds from the time they are born

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The children in Islamic school (madrasah) of Camden will learn about the “five pillars of Islam” which are: One God, Allah (shahahdah), Prayer five times daily (salah), giving to charity (zakat), fasting in the month of Ramadan (swam) and the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime (the hajj).

The so-called six pillar of Islam is THE JIHAD or as it commonly known, the HOLY WAR. The Koran says:

“Go forth light and heavy, and struggle [or strive] in Allah’s path with your property and your persons; this is better for you, if you know” [9:45]

This is one of the many calls for Jihad in the Koran “al-jihad fi sabil Allah” (Struggle in Allah’s path). Some moderates and all of Islam Useful Idiots interpreting “Jihad” as inner struggle, however, the better known (and practiced) interpretation is physical struggle or war. The most commo interpretation of Jihad is “holy war” and Arabic term for a person engaged in Jihad is “mujahid” or the more known plural “mujahadin”. It is not hard to imagine the teacher asking the children “where is the infidel?” and children will answer, “right outside the school”

All Australian private schools, including religion based one, receive Federal Government subsidies provided they adhere to certain criteria such as open to all students (sex segregation is permitted), minimum curriculum requirements, minimum portion of time on non-religion teaching time etc. Recently it has been discovered that an Islamic school, The Muslim Ladies Collage in Perth was caught cheating the on the number of students and money received was sent to Pakistan – What was it that the Australian Government was financing in Pakistan, or somewhere further? Your guess is good as mine – mine is terrorist training camps in the ungovernable North West Frontier Province in Pakistan.

The Muslim Ladies Collage in Perth was closed by the (Australian) federal Government. So WAS the Islam Burapha religious school in Thailand [lost link)] AND The Jamaah Islamiyah School in Mark Cross, near Crowborough, East Sussex, England.

Last month (November 2007) the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom recommended that the Islamic Saudi Academy in Virginia be also closed because of suspected of extreme Islamic teaching. More about Islamic schools in the West in here.

Any Muslim will tell you that the Koran is perfect and beyond questioning, the duty Islamic Jihad is in the Koran, collectively we have been through 9/11, London Bombing, the two Bali Bombing, Suicide Bombing in Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan, the US Embassy in Kenya and Beirut USS Cole and all averted attacks published or not. MUSLIMS ARE USING OUR OWN FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES TO DEFEAT US ALL The same way that hackers exploit security vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows. WTF has to happen before our governments wake up?

Unfortunately my opinion, yours or the wishes of the resident of Camden to live peacefully does not count. unless they can find that elusive “endangered” rare frog or grasshopper in the proposed site for the school, I am afraid that the school and soon to follow a mosque, and women covered from head to toe and man with tea (kitchen) towel as headgear will be shove down their throat, insh’Alla (God willing).

And to the Lord Mayor of Sydney or anyone else who wish to use the race card I say: “remember that Islam is a religion not a race!”

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