What Exactly Don’t You Understand About Islam?

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28 December, 2008

Beliefnet: Are Churches that don’t agree with your politics or religious belief not really churches?

Ann Coulter: Correct: They’re called “mosques”

Interview, Beliefnet, 7-27-06

[Ann Coulter: If Democrats Had any Brains They’d Be Republicans, Page 55]

My friend Mila publish has a blog on MySpace, She logged on MYSPACE for the last time on Dec 27, 2007. in which she raised awareness of honour killing as it applied in America to two sisters who were murdered by their father.

Amongst most of the comments expressing horror and repugnance about a father that murdered his own daughters, you would not be disappointed if you expected a certain quota of useful idiots who tried and move the attention to side issues whilst other put the blame at … yes you got it …you us, and everybody else from the Crusaders to George Bush, anybody but Islam.

And what about them Jews who bomb the Palestinians daily? Asked one useful idiot; you see, as long as the Jews Bomb the Palestinians it is OK to for a Muslim father to murder his two daughters, I wander would it still be OK if the Jews reduce their Bombing to every other day?

Where from do these guys get their logic from? There is no logic. When you spend 12 years in school whose curricula is control by the Teachers Union and the NSW Branch of the Labour Party (our version of the Democratic party) you learn about critical thinking (meaning how criticise conservative government or opposition, as the case may be), global warming, the invasion and occupation of Australia by the English and multiculturalism , where the emphasis is always on emotion, don’t expect logic too – sorry we out of time fore that one, got to go and save a planet now.

Oh yes, the good old multiculturalism, diversity, reaching-out and if Islam is our topic, tolerance all that suppose to make us all feel wet and warm on the inside (but not too warm as not to cause the planet to overheat). If only we have been more understanding, or had made friends with the father of those two girls, as another comment suggested, all that would have never happen. I wander if this idea was taken from Bill Clinton’s last edition of his book Guide to Abstinence .

If its not for our ignorance, those two girls would be alive and well today. Those bleeding hearts really know how to make us feel guilty. Wait a minute, but ignorance is not a crime, is it? So maybe the whole thing is a misunderstanding, our misunderstanding.

And there is Islam is a religion of peace crap. No, idiot, Islam is not called so after the Arabic word salaam, meaning peace, Islam is after the word aslama, meaning submission, total submission. Islam is not just a religion, it is a way of life that required to total subjugation of every part of you life, including (but not limited to) which leg you put in first when step into the dunny, and out.

* * * * *

You can call me Islamophobic or racist if you wish, even though I remind you that Islam is not a race but who says that to support Islam you have to be logical too? You will not hear from me saying one of my best friends is a Muslim because it reminds me of one of the most idiotic reaction I sometime get revealing that I was born in Israel and that is: one of my best friends is a Jew, so what? What am I to do with such useless information.

My friends are my friends, first last and in between, not Muslims Christians, Jews or Callithumpians. Under cross examination with extreme coercion I may confess that I have never observed any of my female friends dressed in burkah, come to think about it, male friends neither.

Having said that I recognise that there are millions upon millions decent people who were born into the Muslim faith who go about their day providing for their family and striving for peaceful life like I do – these Muslims are not my target, in fact I do not target Muslims, my target is firstly Islam and secondly those who use Islam as excuse for their evil behaviour, big difference.

I often talk about the concept of cause and effect. How can you tell which is which, not always easy, but in essence if you take away the suspect cause and the suspect effect remain unaffected, you can safely conclude that such particular cause and effect, as pair, is bunked.

95% of people die whilst laying in bad. Making all people sleep on the floor would not extend life expectancy by a single micro-second because laying in bad is not a cause of death.

Now experiment time; rebirth that father killer as a Jew or Christian and let him otherwise live identical life. Would you say that those two girls would be alive today? Of course they would. I rest my case (on this issue).

* * * * *

Our lack of cultural sensitivity, sense of social justice, refusal to reach-out and see the splendour of cultural diversity are all the root causes, not only to honour killing and genital mutilation but also to beheading, bombing of trains and discothèques and flying into skyscrapers (except those performed by the CIA in cooperation with the Mossad and MI-5, of course) .

By now you would recognised the Marxist Leninist Stalinist Maoist Socialist Fabian Leftist Liberal (please select one) bleeding hearts terminology which raises the question:

What does a philosophy that was written down in the nineteenth century by two Prussians in a dark room in Brussels, tried for 70 years and failed (but survived by those who never lived its principles), has in common with a religion that started in the deserts of Arabia some 1300 years ago and changed very little since?

Answer: very little, except that they both hate ….. (please insert your own country’s name) meaning they follow the principle of

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Why would those who claim the high moral grounds on human rights (women in particular), gay rights, freedom of (or from) religion, sanctity of life and all that stuff support a group of people that believe in the exact opposite?

Just look at Eeron (you see I can pronounce a country name like a pro 🙂 in 1979. Their enlightened “progressive” professors and their clueless students invaded the streets of Teheron (another PRO-nunciation 🙂 in their thousands, kick out the Shah and brought back the Ayatollahs from exile just to find their high esteem dangling off mobile cranes in Town’s Square of Teheron, renamed “Muhammad Square” or such like.

Here in the West, the Islamic revolution is different. We don’t have Ayatollahs in waiting in France. Instead we have youths, They rampage the streets of Paris burnings shops and cars, youths!, the rampage the streets of Sydney reshaping the looks of parked cars with baseball bats, youth!, they blow up a train or two in London, youths!, Allah Akhbar? I did not hear that. Did you?

It is as if the words Islam and Muslim are too inappropriate to appear on the sold-out media. Just after 911 Associated Press (AP) published a photo of Osama Bin Laden with a caption: Exiled Saudi Dissident Osama bin Laden, that sounds like a freedom fighter against the Saudi Royal Family, the only missing bit was the instructions for sending donations to assist in freeing the enslaved freedom seeking Saudi people.

Just listen to what the Deputy Commissioner of the London Metropolitan Police, Brian Paddick, had to say, he must know what he is talking about; right after the London 7/7 bombing ,on the day, he said:

As far as I am concerned, Islam and terrorist are two words that don’t go together

[Melanie Philips: Londonistan page 53, quoting the Independent]

Perhaps we should add those two words to the list of asterisk and bleeped out words in the media.

There you have it, the very people who suppose to protect us against free trade jihad pussyfooting around. They suck the oxygen out of the room, don’t they?

Muslims who tell you outright, that in a few years time your country and mine will turn into the Islamic United States of America, the Islamic Dominion Of Canada, The Islamic European Union, (Eurabia), the United Islamic Kingdom of Britanistan, the Islamic Commonwealth Of Australia (Austarbia) etc. all living in peace under Sharia law – they are serious and you better believe it.

Lets look at some numbers shall we, take one man, Osama Bin Laden, in her book Because They Hate Brigitte Gabriel writes:

He [Osama Bin Laden] is one of fifty-three children. He himself has twenty-seven children. Father and son have sired eighty children.

[Paperback edition page 16]

Do you get my drift? Sure not every Muslim has four wives and umpteen impregnated maids, but still, it is all in demography stupid says Mark Steyn in his book America Alone, (OK the stupid was my addition).

With the exception of USA and New Zealand with fertility rates of 2.11 and 2.01 live births per women (respectively, 2005 figures) the rest of us are going backward in term of population. Great news for the ecophiles who thinks that there are too many of us. In 25 years, not only there will be less of us in Europe, Canada and Australia but a greater proportion of those of us who are still here will be depended on ever growing demand for social security with decreasing resources to pay for it. Who is going to support this Ponzi Scheme? But I am digressing.

* * * * *

Your local loons want you to be nice to Muslims because they are part of the misery industry, poor and helpless, and really, we ought to do the right thing by them as human being (Hey Charley, can you get me the box of Kleenex please).

Just Look how quickly Muslims have adopted to intricate rules of multiculturalism, how have they excelled in learning our immigration and welfare laws, particularly the loopholes. How about their ability to master all the legal technicalities of what constitute an asylum seeker, job seeker, disability pensioner, unmarried mother (This is for wives 2,3 and 4), terms that do not even exist in their mother tongues.

It is gratifying to watch how seamlessly Muslims have assimilated into a vibrant, robust complex, caring, socio-economic, cultural diversified countries of ours with out being able to speak one world in or the language of their host country. Wow!

(OK the welfare in America is not something to write home about but by the look of things the Democrats are working on it, you ain’t seen anything yet my friends.)

Here is another example that these “helpless people” are anything but; For years potential illegal immigrants knew that there was no point trying to reach Australia by boat because if they were caught they would be sent to some islands in the Pacific, which had been excised from the Australian immigration law by the previous (conservative) government, for “processing” leaving them without free “Legal-Aid” , “Human Rights” lawyers and such like interruption to deportations – too risky they concluded and proceeded to another undocumented friendly country.

However as soon as we, in Australia, elected a Labour government, our version of Democratic Party, Kevin747, our Obama08, decided that processing illegal immigrant in Nauru Island is as “inhuman” as processing terrorists in Guantanamo Bay is cruel, and closed it down. As Kevin likes to say “guess what?”, Yes Kev, you be please to know they are back! More voters for the compassionate party.

Our “poor” asylum seekers boats are back! and you want to tell me that those people are not sophisticated? Let me tell you, they know the Australian immigration law better than any of the Department’s bureaucrat and better than you know the laws in your own country, I kid you not.

They may not be able to read and write but they still get invites to participate in “seminars”. Seminars that will remind you of those that are run by investment funds, shared holidays flats salesmen, or retirement home “advisors” with lectern, whiteboard and audio-visual overhead projectors, with signing up session at the end of the conference. Such seminars take place in locations in Kabul, Islamabad, Karachi, Dacca, Beirut and now also in East Africa. They (the seminars) are designed prepare you with your resettling needs and with up to date information about immigration and welfare law in Australia.

An investment of a mere $10,000, payable in advance, will get you an airline ticket and a transit visa for Indonesia (bribe included), a place on a boat to Australia and “technical support” such as at what point you destroy your travel documents, how to lie to immigration investigators in order to gain status of “asylum seeker” and tell you about the special support group waiting to assist you with your quick assimilation into the welfare system of your newly chosen country. This wonderful “beeble” are called the Australian Labour Party .

Unfortunately duty free is extra, but your “human right” lawyer, curtesy of the Australian tax payer, may be able to get you a refund by suing the government for “emotional distress” they inflicted on you by making you come on a boat, instead of a direct flight, placing you in detention and applying “targeted persuasion” in an attempt to establish your true identity.

And I have not touched on their adaptation to human rights, perhaps some other time.

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Lying Is A Scienc

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19 December, 2008.

Not quite a Tennessee Williams but here is a small play:

Charlie is my conscious, he always tells me things and stuff, sort of keeping me on a straight and narrow, Charlie’s moralising do not stop me from doing anything I want, only from enjoying it.

Scene 1: Sometime In mid-1980

Charlie: Hey Jacob, the scientists have found a hole in the ozone layer, they recon it is because of you using your spray shaving cream and stuff and your car’s aircon.

Me: Hmm that bad heh? Should I stop shaving and turn off the aircon?

Charlie: Oh no, they found another gas that you can use, it will cost you more but it will close the hole in ozone layer.

Me: OK (to myself: We all must pay a price to save our planet)

(Curtain – intermission)


Scene 2: Year 2008

Me: Hey Charlie, remember that hole in the ozone layer we talked about 25 year ago? I did everything you told me to do but I see now that the hole is still getting bigger, what did I do wrong? (you see according to Charlie, everything is my fault)

Charlie: Don’t worry Jacob, it took more then 50 years for all those gases to reach the hole and open it up, so it will take another 50 years for it to close, just be patient.

Me: (thinking for a while and then saying) Hey Charlie, I remember that they found the hole in the 1970’s, right? 50 years earlier were the 1920’s, they did not have spray cans, air conditioners and staff in the 1920’d, did they?

Charlie: You are a bloody skeptic and denier, Jacob, shame on you, how dare you question scientific consensus?

(Curtain – The End)


* * * * *

You see? Like many other people, I once accepted that science is fact and if scientists decree it, it must be true. But unfortunately, the greatest liars in history (in terms of affect on people) have sought, with some success, to use science to give credence to their lies, more so, enlist corrupt scientists for their cause.

So we get science that does not require proof, history that reflect made up facts to support an agenda, unprovable theories that are suffixed science or not (such as Political Science, Behavioural Science, economics) and a myriad of studies that sprung in recent years, I guess that we call them Politically Correct Sciences. I refer to subject such as Cultural Studies, Peace Studies, Race Studies, Social Justice Studies,

All these so-called studies have one common goal and that is making hatred of your country and America a science, just look at the products (graduates and writings) of such “studies” and you will see what I mean. In countries where the regime is less tolerant to criticism from academe , the hatred is directed at Israel instead whilst the freedom to hate America is always maintained.

Lying is wilfully describing facts as they are not. This includes presenting opinions as facts.

There has been an increase in global temperature between 1975 and 1998, it is a fact. There has been an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere during the same time, that is a fact too. The carbon dioxide is the cause for the increase, this has never been proven therefore it is an opinion. Human activity is cause for the increase in concentration of carbon dioxide, an opinion; 2,500 scientists think so, 2,500 opinions.

* * * * *

I don’t do celebrities, nor am I belong to the fans club of Nicole Kidman. She is an Aussie, good looking, a good actress and, from a distance appears to be, a decent woman too, that’s about sums up my relations with Ms. Kidman.

However, I was taken back the other day when I heard that the Aboriginal Branch of the Misery Industry lunched an savage attack (hey Charlie, can I say “savage” in here? Ok let’s settle on “very angry”) for playing, or rather attempting to play, the didgeridoo on German TV. Didgeri what?

Didgeridoo is a traditional Aboriginal musical wind instrument that is made from a limb or a trunk of a tree hollowed by termites (white ants). If you wish to have the Stradivarius of didgeridoos, otherwise you will have to be happy with the Bamboo or plastic made in China version.

Watch On YouTube

Poor Nicole, she did not know what hit her; “Nicole Kidman deeply offended …”, “blunder”, ” .. angered Aboriginal groups ..” shouted the headline of newspaper and websites around the world .. shock horror!

The Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian version of the New York Times was quick to enclose the word horrified in an inverted commas citing Nicole’s reaction to the news claiming that she was not aware that the didgeridoo is taboo for women and that playing it offend our indigenous people.

I did not know it either. One can buy a didgeridoo in any one of the hundred souvenir shops around Australia complete with quick instruction how to play it by a female saleswoman, some of whom are definitely with Aboriginal blood in their veins.

I bet you that the bleeding hearts journalists who criticised Nicole, were not aware of such taboo, ley alone the enlightened Lefties of media outside Australia, who have had never heard the word didgeridoo and nearly cause DOS (denial of service) to the Wikipedia quickly learning the meaning of this strange word so they can appear knowledgeable to their readers, lister and viewers.

How come no one knew about the taboo? You may ask, Simple, because it ain’t true! The social engineers and the PC brigade have made it up as they went, a definite lie. Bear in mind that the didgeridoo is part of the Aboriginal culture only in northern Australia.

Needless to say the claim for taboo was not made by Aborigines themselves, but by white Anglo-Saxon European lefty loons PC brigade, the very same people who think that Australia is an evil country and that marry Christmas is offensive.

These are the very same people who tell the Aboriginal people that we, wicked white fellas, forcefully removed some 100,000 Aboriginal children from their parents, dobbing them (the children) the Stolen Generation. This is a lie! Intended to portray Australia as evil country. You may wish to read my essay So You Want Me To say “Sorry” of 6 February, 2008 for further details.

These people went after Nicole for sometime now because she is a proud Australian who advance the cause of Australia on every opportunity, something that those loons distaste.

And then there is Nicole’s cardinal sin; No, Nicole did not undress in front of the Pope, nor did she bring a pork sandwich to the Great Synagogue in Sydney or has a 14 years old lover. She has not stolen any Aboriginal kid and to best of my knowledge, she has never use the “N” word, but this an opinion only.

Her ultimate sin is that Nicole Kidman smokes, oy vei, and she did it on camera in front of million impressionable kids (all of whom took up smoking the same day) and if that is not bad enough, she had the audacity to tell PC brigade to nick off, or unmentionable words to that affect.

* * * * *

This brings me to another established set of lies, smoking.

I do not claim that smoking is good for you, this is not my intend, my aim to demonstrate how self interested social engineers lie to us and how the “establish truth” is far from established.

We are all aware of the lies perpetrated by the tobacco industry in the 1970’s in their battle with the anti smoking lobby, particularly in the USA. What many of us are not aware of are the lies that are perpetrated by the anti smoking lobby ever since. Apparently the anti smoking lobby had learnt the tricks from its opponents and greatly improved in their contribution to the science of lying.

Let us look at an example of an Australian anti smoking TV commercial.

Watch on YouTube

Pretty bad, isn’t it? But … what you see is not what you get. If you feel pitty for the lady in the ad, you can relax, the lady is fine, as soon as the shooting of this commercial completed, the woman return to her make-up table and removed her “cancer”. Yes it was all make-up!

The Australian Cancer Council, who is responsible to this ad, confirmed the fact that they used an actress and that that it was just make-up but excused the stunt with “the end justifies the means” (or words to that affect).

Let me see, the Cancer Council want me to believe in their true message by lying to me? Surely if smoking really cause mouth cancer, the Cancer Council should have no trouble locating a real case.

(Please note that I am a financial contributor to the Australian Cancer Council, they do a magnificent job in may other aspects, but unfortunately the were wrong on this occasion).

The anti-smoking lobby won their case against the tobacco industry lock stock and barrel. In fact they were so successful in achieving their goals, that they just about did themselves out of a cause, their self preservation instinct kicked in

The anti-smoking lobby needed a issue that enables them to continue with their cause (cause=fame + funding), such cause needs to be related to the old cause but ideally it should have objectives that can never be achieved (or takes long time to attain) to ensure the continuity and viability of the cause. Passive smoking was born.

The passive smoking cause rely on the fact that as long as smoking is not criminalised, there will be smokers meaning there will be a cause. Anti smoking lobby do not want smoking criminalised, because if it did, it would become a law enforcement issue not a cause.

Passive smoking has also marked a new era in the war over our minds. It was the first time (to my knowledge) that science was used heavily in the rhetoric when there was no science behind it at all. More so, when science was used, it was fraudulent.

Let explain that, science is observations of events, definition possible explanation (or theories), hypotheses and testing such hypotheses. If an hypothesis is proven a scientific rule is created, otherwise the hypothesis remain unproven.

Being unable to prove a claim does not prove a claim to the opposite. In other words, being unable to prove that passive smoking is harmful, is not a proof that it is not harmful.

Last March I wrote an assay Is Smoking A Sexually Transmitted Disease? In which I explained how the concept of cause and effect has been abused to provide “scientific” proof that passive smoking is harmful. I let you read it in your own time but basically I show that statistical relation (correlation) by itself does not prove a thing, least a proof of cause and effect.

In my essay I explain the concept:

Let me explain this, 95% death of people occurs in whilst they are laying in bed, you cannot get a much stronger (prima facie) statistical relation than that. Does that mean that we can extend our life expectancy by sleeping on the floor? Of course not, because laying in bed is not a cause of death, the real causes of death, illness, injury, frailness etc, also cause people to lay in bed, this is the real link.

[bold highlighting in the original ]

In the same essay I showed how reverse research is was used and how cause an effect and (statically) biased sample have been manipulated to prove the desired results.

No Charlie, Doctors are well aware of the concept of cause and effect – just ask your doctor about research that have shown that smokers are less likely to suffer from Parkinson and Alzheimer Diseases and you will get a chapter and verse lecture about … cause and effect. They would correctly point out that there might be other factors that create such correlation.

Apparently the same concept does not exist when it comes to passive smoking.

* * * * *

Whilst the anti-smoking social engineers were busy banning smokers from airplanes, scientist discovered a hole in ozone layer in the atmosphere above Australia. As chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gas is known to interact with ozone gas in a lab, the eco-whacko ecoholics decided that somehow, our antiperspirants, shaving gels and aircon are responsible for that hole.

Theories upon theories were expunged as to why the offending gas decided to come all the way from the northern hemisphere where its was mainly used, and end up on top of the most sparsely populated continent.

The explanation about the hole in the ozone layer, as later with the global warming “science” THE basic law of climate was fraudulently ignored. I say fraudulently because the most basic law of Meteorology – it is the Law of Coriolis.

The Law of Coriolis is that (because of the earth rotation) in the northern hemisphere, winds around barometric high pressure (and sea currents) rotates in a clockwise direction whilst winds around barometric low pressure rotates in anti-clockwise direction. In the southern hemisphere it is the exact opposite.

Further, barometric high or low pressure systems (including tropical storms) never cross the equator. This means that there little “leakage” of air and ocean currents between the two hemispheres.

Yet, as basic as it is, no one ever explained, let alone proved, how the CFC gases ended up on top of Australia.

Unfortunately for the cause, technology quickly replaced CFC gas, planet save! Or has it?

In a very similar process of cause creating as passive smoking, global warming was born.

* * * * *

From its inception, global warming has proven a social engineering goer. Unlike its predecessors, (real) pollution and the hole in the ozone layer, global warming was constructed correctly to ensure emotional wide appeal, cross disciplines and most important, continuity into the 22nd century (it started in the 20th century).

The eco whackos like it because, unlike real air and water pollution which, with, can be resolved, removing carbon dioxide from the Atmosphere is impossible meaning a continuity to the cause.

What a megalomaniac moron thinks that man has the power change the climate? What is next? Stopping earth rotating around the sun? or maybe “just” reversing the direction.

Global warming has nothing to do with the environment and all to do with social engineering. The quicker you recognise this the quicker yo recognised the magnitude of deception it is.

The fact that is “global” makes it attractive to politicians, global problems (oops, challenge) requires robust global solutions meaning more conventions in exotic place, more UN protocols, more declarations, more treaties, more accords, more agreements … more Champaign?

In order to make global warming more acceptable to the masses, it was made threatening with forecast of rising oceans, sinking islands, bleached coral reefs, melting ice, floods, droughts, storms and any other meteorological event are upon us … help!! Save the planet! – mix in emotion, about all those disappearing cute species forgetting the most important one on earth, humans. There

nothing like a bit of fear to get the folks focusing on the planet instead of on incompetent politicians and bureaucrats.

Back to melting ice. Yes I did. Did you watch Al Gore’s docoganda An Inconvenient Truth? Did you see those melting ice caps? If you did (or not) here is something for you:

Again, what you see is not what you get. Although the woman from the (sci-fi movie) The Day After Tomorrow appears unconcerned about Al Gore’s graphic plagiarism, she also seems to be previously unaware of it. The great Caesar of global warming, and a Nobel Price winner could not only produce a real shot melting ice but surreptitiously used someone else’s computer graphics to support his lies.

Al Gore lies? Is that possible? Well, at a day which for Al Gore was “a day after tomorrow I am getting my Nobel price” (two days before his Nobel price was announced) a British judge ruled that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth has nine inconvenient facts, or according to the Times On Line:

The judge said some of the errors were made in “the context of alarmism and exaggeration” in order to support Mr Gore’s thesis on global warming.

Come-on Judge, “alarmism and exaggeration” in the context of Al Gore? Not possible, beside we all know that Bush lied too, so here!.

* * * * *

And where is the scientific proof for the fact that global warming is anthropogenic? (man made) Oh that? Again and again we hear the mantra scientific consensus of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Wait a minute, consensus? Since when consensus is a scientific proof? You do not need to be a scientist to know that consensus may be a valid way to elect Miss World but it has little to do with science.

In fact had Copernicus put his theories to a vote the scientific consensus at his times the vote would have gone to “the world is flat” way.

* * * * *

Apropos nothing, why all the environmental activists in Australia have a North American accent? Don’t we have our own whackos?

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