This is privately owned and operated blog, it has no affiliation with any commercial or other organisation, it is totally financed by personal funds and it is free of any advertising.

However, I am willing to consider publicity space for what I regards as worthy causes on a case by case basis

Only registered member can comment, Members registration is free and does not require pre-approval at this stage, nor are your comments be pre- moderated, they will appear as soon as you post them.

This is a conservative forum aim at expressing conservative views, my views. Your are most welcome to comment if even if you disagree with opinion expressed here, dissenting comments are encouraged provided that civil decorum is maintained – please kick the ball not the player.

I still “feel my way” in the unchartered water of the blogosphere, thus I will be happy to receive your comments and suggestion on the blog itself. Whilst I expect that the in the early stages I will be the sole author, I am happy to consider other.

Have fun.

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