Crickets And Monkeys

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8 January, 2008

To most people outside the Commonwealth, cricket is a leaping insect similar to the grasshopper from the cicada’s family. To the people of the Commonwealth, cricket is also a ball and bat field sport’s game. If you arrived to Planet Earth today and landed in India, don’t get too alarmed by the local press, India is not about to invade Australia or even call its High Commissioner (Ambassador) in Canberra back for “consultations”

It all started in cricket test match (a game that lasts 5 days) between Australia and India in Sydney. Australia, snatched victory from what had looked like a certain defeat earlier in the match, with the usual jubilation which was quickly subdued because, it was transpired that an Indian player, Harbhajan Singh, called an Australian player Andrew Symonds “monkey”

Symonds is a English born with mixed English-West Indian ancestry who plats his hair and look quite ridiculous with bright white sun screen cream on his lips, but play cricket he can.

The matter was brought to the attention of the (South African) umpire (referee) who found Singh in breach of the “anti-racial” rules of the game and banned him from playing for 3 matches.

The Indian “response” was swift, first they threatened to boycott all further planned tests and return home then, presumably because of the financial implication of such action (heavy fine), they modified their attitude, lodge an appeal and “suspended” their participation pending the result of the appeal.

This brought the “anti racial rules” to the fore front. Why do we need an “anti-racial” rules in cricket, or in sport for that matter, is beyond me. This is obviously the product of the Political Correctness and the Multiculturalism viruses that infected every good part of our society including sport. The Australian media, a subsidiary of International Proletarian Movements, took up the Indian side, accusing the Australian team of dobbing, lack of humility and … yes, you got it “RACISM” Do you believe that? the victim, if there is one, became the villain.

There is nothing new in the victim being turned into villain, just watch a “cross examination” of a rape victim in court, the list of “rights” of the defender, defence “deals” to minimize criminals’ sentences or compare the rights of crim to the rights of the cops.

There is somehow the notion that racism and intolerance are the domain of solely white heterosexual of Europeans descent. Blacks, South Asian, other Asian, Latinos, homosexuals or indigenous people can never be accused of racism (you may recall the University of Delaware policy that require students to acknowledge that only “whites are racist”), thus Harbhajan Singh’s comments could not possibly be racist. The media even went as far as bring in an “expert” on Indian culture to “prove” that in fact in Indian culture “monkey” is a term of endearment. WHAT? I have many Indian friends and I have never heard of such stupidity. The Indian media found it “offensive” that there was a suggestion that of them make a racial comment.

To Australians, depending on the tone it is said, the term “you bastard” is a term of endearment, if your mate succeeded in, say, past a difficult exam, you would go, pat him on his back and say “you made it, you bastard”, but you would NEVER do it to a non Australian for obvious reasons.

The point is not whether calling someone “monkey” is racist or just juvenile stupidity, the game’s “anti-racial rules” should not have been there in the first place. This is another example of the results of social engineering the has been shove down our throat for years – without this PC rule the game would have (probably) finished with “sorry mate” – “no worries mate”.

In short the whole episode is, in the eye of the media is the fault of the Australians. Indeed, how dare they win a game of sport against the “oppressed”? (ok they did not quite say that but this the corollary). Beside, we have a RULE that encourage us to get offended, let’s use it, let’s play (and pay) lawyers instead of cricket.

What I find REAL offensive, is the white patronising multi-culti who decide for other people when and why they should be offended. Who are those morons to tell me that I should be offended by Christmas decoration because I am not a Christian? Who are those moron that at times of shortage of beds in public hospital ONLY non Muslim women are forced share a ward with men? Who are those morons who allow people an Australian Drivers License without being able to speak English?

Multiculturalism is in fact Cultural Apartheid. It is divisive and it is DISCRIMINATORY as much as it demands “understanding” of minorities by the majority but not the other way around. Christians suppose to tolerate Yom Kippur and Ramadan but Jews and Muslims suppose to be offended by Christmas, Who is running this asylum?

Take care, you bastard 😮

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